We are ETAKA.

Bringing Banking Services to the UNBANKED

Our Beginnings

Short Trip Turned To Lifelong Mission

A long-awaited trip to Siargao opened our eyes to the other side of island life. Dubbed as the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao is over 400 kms. sq. with roughly 100K population and over 150K yearly tourist arrivals… and increasing year to year by around 25%

But all these booming economic activity is supported by a lone atm, often cashless and often offline, 40 kms away by motorbike in another town...

The Situation

There Was Obviously A Problem In This Island Paradise

access to cash is difficult and challenging in the island economy of Siargao

and in a country of over 7100 islands and 106M population,

only 27% of the population are in the Metro cities… still 73% are in the rural and provincial areas

So the same situation in Siargao is probably happening in a number of other places in the Philippines...

The Reality

Not to mention the challenging sets of reality and circumstances -

- only 14% of households have bank accounts

- 86% remain unbanked...
and getting larger because of minimum daily balance requirements

- and there’s only 12% credit card penetration nationally

The Prospects

But our unique circumstances bring exceptional opportunities...

"Philippines—I think you have the opportunity to make the world’s best fintech, because you have so many mobile phones. We should make the Philippines a cashless society."

Jack Ma
October 25, 2017
De La Salle University

And that’s when our vacation turned to a mission...

We are ETAKA and we are bringing banking services to the UNBANKED

The Starting Point

Starting in Siargao... with SIARGAO Pay

SIARGAO Pay - our Mobile Payment App Solution and Digital wallet that allows for quick, efficient and secured Cashless Transactions in the island of Siargao

Smartly named after the island itself, SIARGAO Pay gives a local and “our-own” feel to the app.

We bring focused banking and financial solutions specific to the needs of the community.

Creating strong partnerships with some of the most respected and influential merchants in Siargao.

BRAVO Beach Resort
HARANA Surf Resort
KERMIT Siargao
SIARGAO INN Beach Resort

LOOSE KEYS Moto Culture

Coco SURF Custom Boards
and Surfing Instructors
- Wilmar Melindo, Eloy Nogalo, Marama Tokong

Siargao Environmental Awareness or SEA Movement

The Future

But wait, there’s more...

"Community-Targeting" can easily be extended and implemented in other similar places and markets - Pob Pay, ElYu Pay, etc.

And our cutting-edge blockchain solution works as a permissioned transactional database system. This privately-controlled and virtually incorruptible blockchain technology will allow for safe, secured and fast transactions...

Providing simpler, easier and effectively cheaper banking services for the huge majority living outside the banking system.

Truly inclusive technology solution that can be extended to communities, organizations and cooperatives.

Our Team

We are Filipino founders and developers trying to solve problems unique to the Philippines.

Teddy G. Catuira
Advertising & Communications Veteran of over 30 years
Multi-awarded Writer/Creative Director and TV Commercials Director
Producer, Creator & Director of Digital Content
Alex R. Resurreccion
Logistics & Operations Professional
Experienced Competitive Surfer
Adopted Son of Philippine Surfing Spots - Siargao, Baler and La Union
Rael Canasa
Developer - Timble CVBA
Founder Chief Software Architect - Creatizens
Founder - The Founder Institute
Founder Chief Hacker - WIZMEDIA Inc.
Allan Pilarca
Developer - Timble CVBA
Web Developer - WIZMEDIA Inc.
Johan Janssens
Co-Founder - Joomla!
Founder - JoomlaTools
Founder Chief Innovator - Timble CVBA


Mike Mapa & Monette Mapa - Founders

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